Monday, October 15, 2007

Blaqk Audio

well, well, well....
This is my first entry and I have no idea what I am going to write about yet. Maybe a little about me action?? Eh??
I'm from the right coast and am now temporarily living somewhere in lovely northern california. I am completely in love with No Doubt so expect to hear alot about it. And I surf. Alot. I also have a clothing company called After Eleven Apparel which you should check out at and

Enough about me, let's chat about Blaq Audio.
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Davey Havoc and Jade Pudget have created a completely new sound for their side project called Blaq Audio. Written between legs of the tour for AFI's last album, Decemberunderground, Blaq Audios' first album is rightfully titled "Sex Cells." The lyrics were almost to be expected out of Davey with the additions of deeper and more sexual undertones. The duo successfully conquors a new genre of electronica incorporating a pop-driven vocal structure and wailing synths over catchy industrial backbeats. Please please please check out!

Had all my classes today and couldn't get to the beach..ehh.
I don't have class tomorrow so I'm gonna surf and then Ima go to the gym. Fun stuff. I should get a job. That's basically it for now.
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Justin said...

Hey, How's anyone going to find their music if you don't tell them the right place to look for the album?

It's Blaqk Audio and Cex Cells.

Also, you mentioned you like surfing. It's nothing like surfing, but check out "AudioSurf" it fits really well with Blaqk Audio

jboy said...

lol it aint like surfin but it is amazing sex music ....

Michelle Custodio said...

ahaha..nice blog!

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