Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Volcom VQS: Let the kids ride for free

aka Volcom Stone's Totally Crustacious Tour
A semi-new surf contest series that is, yes, completeley free! wierd huh?

Across the US and canada (including, California, Texas, The Northeast, Florida, Carribean, Canada, Mid Atlantic and Hawaii) the VQS will host over 30 FREE contests before the VQS world champs in May. (not including the international contests which will hit Brazil, Europe, Japan, Australia and South Africa.

Amateur surf contests, normally dominated by the giants that are the NSSA, WSA, and ESA, typically range from $30.00 to $60.00. These entry fees limit the amount of contests an individual can enter, especially pro events which can start at over $100.00 to enter. So, the idea of a free contest was hugely appreciated and embraced by competititive surfers around the globe.

Not only are the contest free, the finalists receive a slew of free gift bags including clothing, surf gear, and accessories. And in addition to that, the pro division is free to enter! The VQS is a totally refreshing new contest circuit and I'm very happy to see one of the leading surf companys give something back to their customers.

Complementing Volcom Stone's new eco-friendly and limited edition tye-dye lines, the whole 60's vibe is totally embraced by the contestants. The Volcom VQS Champs is soon to be one of the most higly anticipated contests this year!

anywhoo... and the goldfish series in Morro Bay i got my ass kicked and took 5th place for the girls. Blows.. oh well..

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Personally, I'm waiting for November 2nd to see Gwen Stefani for the last time during the remaining leg of the Sweet Escape Tour! For shits and giggles, let's recap Gwens' solo tours in which I was in attendence:

Harajuku Lovers Tour:
(1) MTV's TRL studio New York, NY.
(2) November 1 2006, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY. (w.Black Eyes Peas, Justin Timberlake & James Brown)
(3) November 3 2006, The Borgata, Atlantic City, NJ. (w. Rhianna)
(4) December 4 2006, Cox Arena, San Diego, CA. (w. Ciara)
(5) December 15 2006, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY. (w. Black Eyes Peas)

Sweet Escape Tour:
(1) MTV's TRL studio filming live performence of Wind It Up. New York, NY. (promo)
(2) May 18 2007, PNC Bank Arts Center, Homdel, NJ. (w. Lady Sovereign and Akon)
(3) May 24 2007, Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ. (w. Akon)
(4) May 27 2007, The Borgata, Atlantic City, NJ. (w. Lady Sovereign)
(5) NOVEMBER 2 2007, The Oracle, Oackland, CA!!! (w. Sean Kingston)

and for the hell of it let's recap the number number of times i've seen No Doubt on tour :)

Tragic Kingdom World Tour:
(1) 1997, PNC Bank Arts Center, Homdel, NJ. (w. Weezer)

Return of Saturn Club Tour:
(1) 2000, Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY. (w. Suicide Machines)
(2) 2000, PNC Bank Arts Center, Homedel, NJ. (w. Lit and Black Eyed Peas)

U2 Elevation Tour: (No Doubt supporting)
(1) 2001, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY. (w. U2)

Rock Steady Tour:
(1) 2001, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY. (w. Garbage and The Distillers)
(2) 2002, Continental Airlines Areana, East Rutherford, NJ. (w. Lady Saw)

The Singles Tour:
(1) 2004, PNC Bank Arts Center, Homdel, NJ. (w. Blink 182)
(2) 2004, PNC Bank Arts Center, Homdel, NJ. (w. Blink 182)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Love Fest

a little recap of lovefest weekend . enjoy

Well I had a surf contest the day of love fest so me and catie headed down to Pacifica and wasted our lives on the beach while everyone else was getting ready to go to lovefest ...

.....but SURPRISE! when we got back all our lazy friends were just getting ready so we eventually made our way to lovefest. But turns out we were a bit late and missed the festivities. Bummer.

Anyway we romed around San Fransisco and then headed back to get ready for an 80's party somewhere and sometime that night. And oh my did we ever do a horrific job of representing the 80's. Oh well it was a blur so ... well here it is, neon clad and all:

Blaqk Audio

well, well, well....
This is my first entry and I have no idea what I am going to write about yet. Maybe a little about me action?? Eh??
I'm from the right coast and am now temporarily living somewhere in lovely northern california. I am completely in love with No Doubt so expect to hear alot about it. And I surf. Alot. I also have a clothing company called After Eleven Apparel which you should check out at and

Enough about me, let's chat about Blaq Audio.
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Davey Havoc and Jade Pudget have created a completely new sound for their side project called Blaq Audio. Written between legs of the tour for AFI's last album, Decemberunderground, Blaq Audios' first album is rightfully titled "Sex Cells." The lyrics were almost to be expected out of Davey with the additions of deeper and more sexual undertones. The duo successfully conquors a new genre of electronica incorporating a pop-driven vocal structure and wailing synths over catchy industrial backbeats. Please please please check out!

Had all my classes today and couldn't get to the beach..ehh.
I don't have class tomorrow so I'm gonna surf and then Ima go to the gym. Fun stuff. I should get a job. That's basically it for now.
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