Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Volcom VQS: Let the kids ride for free

aka Volcom Stone's Totally Crustacious Tour
A semi-new surf contest series that is, yes, completeley free! wierd huh?

Across the US and canada (including, California, Texas, The Northeast, Florida, Carribean, Canada, Mid Atlantic and Hawaii) the VQS will host over 30 FREE contests before the VQS world champs in May. (not including the international contests which will hit Brazil, Europe, Japan, Australia and South Africa.

Amateur surf contests, normally dominated by the giants that are the NSSA, WSA, and ESA, typically range from $30.00 to $60.00. These entry fees limit the amount of contests an individual can enter, especially pro events which can start at over $100.00 to enter. So, the idea of a free contest was hugely appreciated and embraced by competititive surfers around the globe.

Not only are the contest free, the finalists receive a slew of free gift bags including clothing, surf gear, and accessories. And in addition to that, the pro division is free to enter! The VQS is a totally refreshing new contest circuit and I'm very happy to see one of the leading surf companys give something back to their customers.

Complementing Volcom Stone's new eco-friendly and limited edition tye-dye lines, the whole 60's vibe is totally embraced by the contestants. The Volcom VQS Champs is soon to be one of the most higly anticipated contests this year!

anywhoo... and the goldfish series in Morro Bay i got my ass kicked and took 5th place for the girls. Blows.. oh well..